Dear customers,
“La Terrazza sul Campo” is located inside the historic center, in a pedestrian area with limited traffic where cars are not allowed, not even for loading and unloading luggage.

The only allowed vehicle is the taxi, the car must be parked outside the limited traffic zone.

The recommended parking areas are:

  • parking “Il Campo” in Via di Fontanella, 1 (500 m, 25 euro per day)
  • parking at the train station, in Piazzale Fratelli Rosselli (2 euros per day)
  • free parking in the “Fortezza” area (Viale Vittorio Veneto on the GPS, 1.2 km from the hotel). Check for any restrictions on vertical signs.

From each of these parking lots you can call a taxi at +39 0577 49222
For more information, visit the Siena Parcheggi website by clicking on the following link:

Please note that “La Terrazza sul Campo” will NOT be responsible for any fines for access in the pedestrian area or for the carelessness of traffic signs.