Holiday home in Piazza del Campo

_DSC6224The historical Palace is located on the first level of the Palazzo “Mattasala Lambertini” and is accessed by a courtyard and a passage communicating with the public highway.
The building facing east on the Piazza del Campo and partly on Via del Casato, adheres to the north at “Torre Lambertini” and, at the first level, at the end of the Bargello, south to “Palazzo Patrizi” and the courtyard and west to a sixteenth century house through which, by switching to the ground, it communicates with Via di Città
The construction system of the building is dated around 1200 with later construction phases also medieval post difficult to date. 1328 documents the enlargement works, straightening the Chiasso del Bargello, depending on the connection between Dome and Terzo di Città of the Terzo di San Martino.
The residence has been recently renovated and split into 4 suites that can be rented separately or as a single structure.
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